Who can join?

The Aviation Council of Alabama has been established to include the broad base of aviation interests that are present throughout the state. For this reason, the Council has created different membership categories to reflect the diversity of Alabama’s aviation community. The membership categories and graduated annual dues schedule are structured so that membership will be affordable to the individuals or companies within each category. The membership categories designated and annual dues, calendar year, are:

Commercial Service Airports

Non-Hub $1,750
Small-Hub $2,750

General Aviation Airports

Less than 1,000 Operations/yr $500
Greater than 1,000 Operations/yr $750


FBO / On-Airport $250
Corporate / Consultant $500
Military / Government $0

Why should I join?

The Aviation Council has been organized to promote and protect the interests of all segments of the aviation community. Your dues will enable the Council to closely monitor issues, trends and events that may have an impact upon each of its members.

The Council will keep you informed and be your network

Other Membership Benefits

ACA group gathering

How Can I Join?

Fill out an application and mail with your check, or you may contact us:

The Aviation Council of Alabama, Inc.
P.O. Box 1398
Wetumpka, AL 36092