About Us

Why an Aviation Council?

Alabama’s Airport System is a major contributor to economic development, tourism and is a valuable transportation infrastructure resource for the state. Both commercial airline service and general aviation airports are major tools for local and statewide economic growth. Adequate and safely maintained airports are an essential part of every community’s transportation infrastructure.

The Aviation Council of Alabama is the state’s only Airport and Aviation Association that serves to protect the interest of airports, businesses, and individuals that make-up the “grassroots” of the aviation community. The Aviation Council is an organization whose efforts support and promote airports and the state’s aviation community and businesses with a strong, united voice on issues that directly affect the present and future welfare of aviation in Alabama.

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Aviation Council of Alabama is to be a dedicated and fervent advocate for the Alabama airport system. We prioritize the safety, expansion, and economic impact of airports, striving to ensure their pivotal role in our state. Through unifying stakeholders and advocating for policies that bolster aviation infrastructure, businesses, and workforce, we actively work to secure a prosperous future for Alabama’s airports. We stand as the unwavering voice and advocate for our state’s vital aviation infrastructure.

How ACA serves Alabama Aviation

The Aviation Council of Alabama will be the voice of its members. The Council is an aviation advocate in the state and federal arenas, protecting the regulatory and legislative interest of aviation and airport facilities. As “Alabama’s Aviation Voice” grows and becomes stronger we will have a profoundly positive affect on aviation-related decisions at the government level.

ACA’s Board of Directors will represent the membership on issues that are important to each segment of the aviation community including all size airports, pilots, and aircraft owners. The interest of airport owners, managers, airport operators, flight departments, aircraft, and avionic repair stations, and other aviation-related businesses and corporate flight operators will be represented.

How will the Aviation Council of Alabama be the voice of aviation in Alabama?

The Aviation Council of Alabama will...

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Inform and Educate​

By maintaining close communications with its membership, the Council will represent the views of the membership before all relevant public bodies at the local, state, and federal levels of government within the state. The Council will inform and educate administrative and elected public officials, as well as the public-at-large, about the importance of aviation, airports, and the impact that legislation and public policy have on the aviation community. A traveling exhibit will also provide pertinent information and data to help improve public support for airports and the people who use them. Included will be a proactive effort to dispel myths and misconceptions about airplanes and airports while pointing out the widespread economic advantages and opportunities which can be derived from providing adequate, safe airport facilities for general aviation users. The Council will also provide a focused lobbying effort directed toward local elected officials and Alabama state legislators.

Promote and Protect Airport & Aviation Interests

The Council will actively promote and protect the interests of the aviation community. This task will be accomplished by maintaining a working relationship with governmental agencies such as local airport authorities, the Aeronautics Bureau of the ALDOT, and the Federal Aviation Administration on matters that directly affect the aviation community. The Council’s philosophy is that state and local chambers of commerce, industrial development boards, manufacturers, and other economic development groups are natural allies of the aviation community and that we must work together to promote aviation, tourism, manufacturing, and economic development. The ACA will form partnerships with these associations to further promote and support the importance of airports.

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The Council Will Be Your Network

Your membership in the Aviation Council of Alabama also will provide you with an opportunity to be part of a network of aviation-minded individuals, businesses, and groups. Associations have been formed with the AOPA- Airport Support Network, Airport Watch, NBAA, and local Chapters of EAA. Additionally, ACA provides a networking organization for all airports in the state. This interface provides a forum to address common issues, questions, and concerns. This information allows smaller airports to accomplish much more in a shorter time period. No need to re-invent the wheel but benefit through discussion and the resource of the successes of similar airports. For the first time in Alabama, the aviation community will have an opportunity for their views to be heard loud and clear.